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At the edge of the known universe, sideways of the Magellanic cloud lies a planet Xerathum. Once flourishing and prosperous, it used to be home for the universe's most talented engineers. Due to structural changes in the biosphere caused by rampant industrial expansion life at Xerathum was about to go extinct. Engineers of Xerathum started modifying fragile organic with artificial elements, which eventually led to complete robotization of Xerathum animals.

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At the peak of Xerathum’s scientific power, it started actively exploring more and more distant parts of the universe by sending reconnaissance spaceships with no living creatures onboard. Just robotiс animals.

Most of those ships were never meant to fly back, leaving their hibernated cyber-passengers locked inside forever.

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New born

One of these spaceships was found at Eleazar planet during one of the initial planet exploration missions. No one knows where other ships are.

Unusual crates were found in this spaceship’s cargo, which were then delivered to the surface lab. Crates were labeled and examined. Studies showed that these crates contain robotic creatures of the unknown purpose.

The creatures are now known as Petobots, but they are much more than just pets. They seem to be strong and intelligent, ready to help in order to survive together with their new owners.

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Petobots replicate the shape of a vast variety of living creatures. Some of them specialize in working in hard conditions, others are better at tackling complex calculations. Petobot’s traits depend on its type.

Traits like resilience and longevity will make your Petobot more efficient for certain tasks whether used within the DeepMine metaverse or not.


Community minting

1-gen Petobots preminted


Trigger Petbots possess 10 unique activation charges. These charges provide a Petobot assembly kit with a precise program on how to assemble.


Host Petobots have 10 capsules with Petobot assembly kits hidden inside their hulls. Once activated and powered one kit provides a Tactical Petobot
2-gen Petobots minted by players


Born at Eleazar, Tactical Petobots are incapable of producing new Petobots. Instead, these Petobots can compete with each other in diverse mini-games, providing valuable resources for the winner.

Petobots economics


1-gen Petobots $PBOT


$PBOT + 2-gen Petobot $PBOT (if won)

New petobots mint

1-gen Petobots x2 + $PBOT 2-gen Petobot x1 +
1-gen Petobots x2 (return)

PBOT energy token

PBOT token represents specialized energy for Petobots.

It is used for either powering genesis of new Petobots or for participation in mini-games.

Players may obtain PBOT by staking Host or Trigger Petobots. PBOT can also be obtained as a prize for playing mini-games.

Keep in mind that staking returns will diminish according to the number of charges or capsules used.


Idea and Sketches
Game mechanics development
Petobots presented as DeepMine Metaverse first project
Alpha pass drop and alpha launch
Petobots first NFT drop and beta launch
Petobots game and staking launch
Petobots second NFT drop

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